本文摘要:Apple chief Tim Cook has met top Chinese government officials to discuss data security, after reports that state-sponsored hackers targeted iCloud users as the new iPhone went on sale.苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)会谈了中国政府高官,辩论数据安全问题。

Apple chief Tim Cook has met top Chinese government officials to discuss data security, after reports that state-sponsored hackers targeted iCloud users as the new iPhone went on sale.苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)会谈了中国政府高官,辩论数据安全问题。此前有报导称之为,就在新款iPhone发售之际,政府背景的黑客向苹果iCloud用户发动针对性的反击。


Mr Cook met Chinese vice-premier Ma Kai in Beijing this week, according to Xinhua, the official state news agency.据官方的新华社报导,库克本周在北京与中国副总理马凯见面。On Monday, it was alleged that hackers were trying to intercept Apple customers’ usernames and passwords as they logged into its iCloud website.周一爆出的消息称之为,黑客企图在用户指定苹果云存储服务iCloud网站时,截击用户的用户名和密码。The attack was first identified by GreatFire.org, a group that conducts research on Chinese internet censorship, and corroborated by other security experts.这些黑客攻击最初是被专门研究中国互联网审查制度的团体“中国的网络审查”(GreatFire.org)找到的,并已获得其他安全性专家的证实。GreatFire, which has reported on similar attacks on Google, Microsoft and Yahoo in China, suggested that Chinese authorities were behind the online eavesdropping, which it said originated “deep within the Chinese domestic internet backbone”.GreatFire曾报导中国境内对谷歌(Google)、微软公司(Microsoft)和雅虎(Yahoo)发动的类似于反击。

该团体似乎,这些反击或许源于中国国内互联网主干的深层,而这或许指出中国当局在幕后扮演着了角色。In the wake of that report, Apple on Tuesday issued a warning on its support pages that told customers how to spot a potential attack of this kind.消息爆出后,苹果周二在反对网页上公布警告,告诉他客户如何辨识此类潜在反击。

“Apple is deeply committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and security,” the statement reads. “We’re aware of intermittent organised network attacks using insecure certificates to obtain user information, and we take this very seriously.”“苹果忠诚致力于维护客户的隐私和安全性,”声明称之为。“据我们掌控,间歇性的网络攻击于是以利用不安全性的证书来提供用户信息,我们十分坦率地对待这个问题。


”Most western web browsers, including Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome, alert users to these so-called “man in the middle” attacks, in which hackers can intercept login details by rerouting web traffic through an insecure connection.西方研发的多数网页浏览器,还包括苹果的Safari、Mozilla的Firefox和谷歌的Chrome,都会警告用户这些所谓的“中间人反击”,即黑客通过把Web流量新的路由至不安全性的相连,截击指定资料。Apple’s latest iPhones include stronger encryption capabilities which prevent even the company from accessing data stored on the smartphone, a feature which has prompted frustration and concern among law enforcement even in the US. Analysts have suggested the attack on iCloud via web browsers could be an attempt by hackers to get around that extra security on the iPhone.苹果的最新款iPhone手机不具备更加强劲的加密功能,使该公司自己也无法采访存储在这款智能手机上的数据,回应就连美国执法人员部门也深感不得已和忧虑。有些分析师明确提出,通过网页浏览器对iCloud发动反击,有可能是黑客跨过iPhone手机上额外安全性维护的企图。


Overcoming recurring clashes over customers’ security and privacy in China is crucial to Apple’s revenue growth. Mr Cook said only this week that he “couldn’t be more excited” about Apple’s prospects in China, after the iPhone 6 launched there a few days ago.环绕中国境内客户安全性和隐私的冲突已是家常便饭。解决这些冲突对于苹果的营收快速增长至关重要。就在本周,在iPhone 6手机在中国发售几天后,库克回应他对苹果在中国的前景“鼓舞得无法更加鼓舞”。But as it scales up operations and opens more retail stores in China, Apple faces ongoing challenges there. Its recent decision to store users’ data in mainland servers underlined the tenuous balance that foreign tech companies must strike between commitment to customer security and the realities of the Chinese market.但随着苹果不断扩大在华经营规模,开业更加多零售店,该公司面对着持续的挑战。

该公司最近做出的把用户数据存储在中国境内服务器的要求,凸显了外国高科技公司在客户安全性和中国市场现实之间必需艰苦做到的薄弱均衡。Last month, the launch was held up by regulatory wrangling which many saw as politically motivated.iPhone 6在中国的发售上月受到监管程序纠结,许多人指出,这种监管扯皮出于政治动机。



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